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We offer the following products to support your care.

Biofreeze Therapeutic Pain-Relief Gel

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Custom Fitted Sleep Pillows/low Back Support Pillows


Custom Orthotics & Foot Supports


Patients and friends,

Unfortunately, and regrettably as of Monday March 30th the office is temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

This was a very difficult decision, but we are following recommendations of the governor, state and federal agencies and doing our part towards social distancing and limiting the spread of the virus. We will be re-opening as soon as possible deciding week to week. We apologize for not being here to serve you during this unprecedented event and time.

If you have a new or accute musculoskeletal injury or urgent flair up, please call the office and Dr. Saulter can advise you and or get you scheduled asap as a priority.

In the mean time practice good health behavior and wellness:
Enjoy your family, eat healthy, get adequate rest, hydrate/hydrate and remain positive!

Wishing the best for all!!!


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~Adjust To A Pain Free & Healthy Lifestyle~

Types Of Conditions Treated:

• Neck Pain • Back Pain
• Ankle & Foot Pain • Hip & Knee Pain
• Shoulder & Arm Pain • Sprains & Strains~
• Sport & Recreational Injuries • Work Related Injuries
• Headaches • Tendinitis & Carpal Tunnel
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We Strive For Superior Clinical Results In The Form Of Pain Relief And Improved Function.

Dr. Michael Saulter's Profile:

Dr. Michael Saulter~ Graduated from Bowdoin College 1988
~ Graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic 1992
~ Postgraduate of Northwestern College of Chiropractic
~ Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician
~ Certified Advanced Level Training Occupational Injuries through the International Academy of Occupations Health Consultants.
~ Has been in private practice since 1992
~ Director of Newport Chiropractic Center since 1993


Treatment Programs are designed to individually meet the goals of each patient.


• “It has been a relief to find a practitioner who understands the complexity of the human body. I have experienced more relief with you than in the previous 2.5 years. I feel on my way to recovery. Thank you for your support in my care." C.C.

• “My treatment has improved 75% after your treatment yesterday. Amazing!...In general just a huge improvement...Thank you so much!”
(This testimonial is from a practicing medical emergency room physician.)

• “I sought treatment from Dr. Saulter after a severe injury to my lower back. I was in a lot of pain and could hardly stand, walk or sit down. With consistent chiropractic visits, Dr. Saulter restored the structural integrity to my spine. He also taught me exercises that I needed to do to heal from my injury and helped me to improve my ergonomics. After reviewing my diet and nutrition, as well as my goals for an active lifestyle, Dr. Saulter then took the time to make suggestions on how to re-gain my overall health and wellness. I am so grateful for Dr. Saulter’s holistic approach because I am now living a full life again! Thank you, Dr. Saulter, for helping me to get my life back.” Sincerely, Joanna Tarraz

Our Mission Statement

To provide the highest quality chiropractic care.
To meet and exceed patient expectations and
treatment goals in all aspects of patient care
and patient service.